Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First job interview

Last evening my brother came to me for guidance regarding his first job interview. His excitement was palpable. He has bought a new shirt,tie,trouser and was eagerly looking forward to the interview.
Thats when it struck to me how I was almost 7 years back. What it felt like to appear for your first job interview, having that feeling that now you have grown up finally, you can face the world and bag a job. As years passed by I forgot that excitement, in my daily grind life became monotonous and suddenly when I saw my brother's preparation for his interview I realized over a period of time we all become so boring! If one has to experience newness in life than instead of finding something new outside one has to renew one's spirit than we all can relive our childhood/youth. Its not about an interview, any task that we undertake if we look forward to it with enthusiasm somewhere we can rediscover our self.

Monday, January 4, 2010

3 idiots

After the latest controversy involving Chetan Bhagat and the movie 3 idiots I decided to watch the movie. I am a big fan of Chetan Bhagat, Raju Hirani and Amir Khan so it was all the more exciting to see the triumvirate work piece. As expected it is a poignant movie and I throughly enjoyed it. However I noticed that Chetan Bhagat's name was not mentioned anywhere in the initial credit. The movie is not a copy of the book and all credit goes to Hirani for giving exciting twist to the story but one can clearly see that broadly the plot is from Five Point Someone. In fact the main characters of the movie are from the book. After watching the first half I was wondering what is the controversy all about. its out and out Chetan Bhagat novel. In the second half its Hirani's work.
It pained me to see that a book which has almost become like a bible for youth has not being given due credit. In foreign films acknowledgement is given to books as "original adaptation" but in India we always see these controversies surrounding "inspired" films. There is no shame if one is inspired by a book, infact its a brilliant attempt to make a movie on one but denying the same is shameful. Both Hirani and Bhagat are icons and they dont need any publicity so this fight over credit leaves a bad taste in mouth.Five point Someone is already a famous book so Bhagat dosent have to cry foul to get attention. probably he should have cleared the terms right at the begining.
With the recent developments of Musicians regarding their royalty against the recording companies I hope our entertainment industry becomes more liberal. in future we can see many beautiful movies inspired by books only when we respect creativity. I am all for Chetan Bhagat and I wish he gets his share of credit.

Friday, September 18, 2009

No identity

The counting is 25 in half an hour!! My new way of killing time sitting in my car or bus is to count the number of cars on road whose steel embossed brand plates are missing!! It is weird but the alarming rate at which these plates are missing looks contemptuous. Cars are a prized possession for many of us and we look after it quite painstakingly so my heart goes out to see the logo missing from a sleek Honda Civic or a Toyota Camri. I wonder how much those thugs fetch by selling these plates, it takes the sheen out of a car worth lakhs. There must be a thriving secondary market for these plates.
Its not easy to punish these thugs who would steal the plates when a car is parked in a mall or open space. One solution would be to catch hold of people who are buying these plates and punish them thereby destroying the market for these.
If you also know about this than tell me how it can be stopped or any other information that you might like to share on this. If we don’t take up this matter immediately, very soon we will end up having cars with no logos!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get out of the Loop.

It says Get into the Loop. Rightly so, because once you get into the loop, you are doomed. Am talking about Loop Mobile erstwhile BPL Mobile. Few months back they changed to Loop Mobile as if this would make any difference to the pathetic service they were providing. I have lost counts of numerous times when in the middle of the conversation the network will go off. Imagine you closing a important deal with a client and suddenly the network decides to go off when others around you using vodafone,airtel,idea….continues to talk. After that when you decide to reconnect, try doing that at least 5 times before getting connected, their helpline is anything but helpful (that is finally if you manage to get connected). It seems they are upgrading their services( for the past two years!! ) and thus the difficulty. In fact its high time Loop should mention the places where the network is uninterrupted. Following would be excluded
1) In the lift
2) In the train
3) In your house(even when other networks are connecting perfectly fine)
4) Specially when you are in the middle of an important conversationJ

I happened to take their service 6 years back, all thanks to my then boyfriend for BPL to BPL free call!! That time I didn’t realize that in future there would not be any call only from this network. Presently my mobile number of 6 years is used in my professional life and social circle so the cost of changing the number is huge. I am sure people who still have their number face the same dilemma and not changing it.

As a customer I feel frustrated and cheated for their services and repeated complaints haven’t helped . The only ray of hope is Mobile Number Portability. Once that is launched I will be the first person to change my service provider and I know at least 15 people who will do the same. That will be too late for Loop also to get back its core subscribers and most importantly a good lesson for all subscribers to know that Customer is the King.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taare Zamin par.

This March, courtesy my husband, I got the chance of seeing some stars!! Stars of Bollywood. At the eleventh hour we got two passes for Filmfare award ceremony. I was excited. Not that am crazy about these actors but the fact that I can see how they perform and how do they actually look like in person was exciting enough. Since we got these passes quite late so we had no time to actually dress up formally for the occasion. Moreover I was in office and he was at home so we decided to meet at a common place wherein he carried some formal attire for me and I changed in the washroom of a shopping complex!!

Finally we reached the Yash Raj Studio and I understood for the first time what it is like to be famous!! Cameras chasing all the actors, singers, directors and they candidly giving interviews. The performances were awesome..,,Shahid Kapor stole the show. I also saw the first family of Bollywood. Bacchans. All these years I have always said that Aishwarya is plastic and she dosent look real and so on and so forth. I humbly take back my words. She is absolutely gorgeous and as real as anybody else. I also saw Rekha who is a timeless beauty. Infact it was quite a dazzling effect seeing Deepika,Asin, Konkana, Kangana ,Tabu,Sushmita all together. They all looked so elegant dressed in the best of gowns. I saw this side of Mumbai for the first time and it was quite a heady feeling. No wonder these actors put fame above money and power because they are treated like demi gods in our country.

I could also see the preparation behind organizing such a mega show. Each and every detail was taken care of and this being a live show, not even once were there any interruptions. Handling these stars and taking care of their ego when all of them are together is quite a task for the event managers as well. It was pleasure seeing the stalwarts of Indian Film industry right from Yash Raj to Amitabh Bacchan to A.R Rehman. They are entertainers in true sense. To think of how much they have achieved with their hard work and dedication never ceases to inspire me. I am looking forward for the next filmfare and inshallah I should get the passes on time:-)


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