Monday, December 1, 2008

We can,We will

Much has been written about the terror attacks on Mumbai and how the politicians have left no stone unturned to further their own cause in midst of this crisis. And we are to be blamed for this state of affairs because we have allowed them to do so, after all not many can drive away the CM from his house calling him a dog!! After every bomb blast it looks like a series of events. The blast, than pain, than astonishment, the anger, condolance, politicizing the event, debates and finally no solution. Again we get back to our daily life for the next “wake up call”. Apart from the loss of human lives and financial loss what these attacks have done on a more grass root level is penetration of terror and trauma in each one of our lives. I don’t know about others but I had difficulty coming to terms with this attack. Every time I was alone at home, I was scared. Everytime I have stepped out of my house I was scared. Where are we safe now? Like many others I salute the spirit of Mumbai and I am also a part contributing to that spirit however let me make one point very clear. Just because I stepped out of my house to earn my livelihood after the fateful day doesn’t mean I need any less of security or I am any less scared of a bomb blast. Its high time the Government stops hiding its inefficiency in the name of “Spirit of Mumbai People”. Mumbai’s contribution to India’s GDP is highest and we certainly deserve to be treated much better.

The soft approach of our govt towards the terrorists or the resignation of a politician when there is nothing left has not changed anything in past nor will it change anything in future. As is rightly said if you put the same strategy and effort every time you cannot expect a different result. So its high time the Govt DO something just like it does to close dance bars, prohibit actors from smoking onscreen, change the names of cities, stations, roads, Objecting words in songs etc etc etc which is no way remotely connected to our security. We as citizens who have elected these leaders deserve protection. These politicians are our representatives so that they can serve us and they have to be reminded time and again that they are there to serve us and not rule us. At any given time the security of the nation is far more important than a politician’s Z-security. If they cant protect their own people they have no right wasting our money on them.

Lets see from where can we start to make a change. Terrorism is global today so we have to have NSG type forces in each and every state. Now its not only the land borders but the sea also have to be protected and monitored. Lets face it our Intelligence Bureau is weak. If the commercial capital is hold ransom for 3 days and the Army has to be called than IB is anything but functional. Proper training should be imparted to them and decision-making should be made more decentralized.
The entire blame games of inter state police sharing information should be immediately stopped. This ping-pong game of who gave the information first is not helping anyone and that’s why accountability has to be there. One way is to track the flow of information and make sure it reaches its right destination with both the sender and receiver officer being accountable for the same. Strict laws have to be implemented for possession of any illegal explosives. We have to be sure of all our check in points and make sure no unauthorized arms; ammunitions and explosives enter the country. If any explosive is seized priority should be given to know its origin. Until we go to the source its difficult to fight terrorism. Lets not forget in 1993 blasts we had our own people who turned traitors. Policemen should be equipped with better arms than just a lathi. Finally it’s upon each one of us to fight this together. As individuals we have to be vigilant. Every time these terrorists have surprised us by attacking a different target which means no place is “safe”, we all have to be alert. This also means the cooperation and promptness of police to act on information. If USA with its diversity and vast topography can fight terrorism so can we. Each one of us, our police force, our politicians have to make a promise to our conscience that we will not let this happen to us again. Our time, money, people, effort are too costly to be wasted on a bunch of misguided fools who take pride in massacres.

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