Monday, July 22, 2013

LATIN QUARTERS- Superb Collection

LATIN QUARTERS- Superb Collection

The only reason I can happily go out of the house in this wet weather despite the bad roads is SALE. There’s something magical about this word which releases all the happy hormones in any women’s body worth her newly acquired Zara Pants. As I hop one shop after another and each one alluring me with it’s up to 50% SALE I realize it’s difficult to do justice to all the shops at one go.

Now days I don’t have the luxury of trying a dress five times before buying it since the baby waits for me back home. In a way that’s a blessing because I try whatever I am sure to buy and before going for shopping I make a list of what I actually want Vs what I like impromptu.

This season one shop I particularly liked and was spoilt for choices was Latin Quarters. LQ specializes in lace work it seems and they have beautifully incorporated that on their t-shirts, blouses, formal shirts and dresses. Apart from the lace work their color combination and designs on satin are truly worth every penny. I received rave reviews on all my collections of Latin Quarters. Very rarely I come across combination of such unique collection in season of SALE. I have already done two trips to Latin Quartes shop and their fresh addition every week only adds to the excitement. With a 50% discount, value buying can’t get better than this.

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