Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taare Zamin par.

This March, courtesy my husband, I got the chance of seeing some stars!! Stars of Bollywood. At the eleventh hour we got two passes for Filmfare award ceremony. I was excited. Not that am crazy about these actors but the fact that I can see how they perform and how do they actually look like in person was exciting enough. Since we got these passes quite late so we had no time to actually dress up formally for the occasion. Moreover I was in office and he was at home so we decided to meet at a common place wherein he carried some formal attire for me and I changed in the washroom of a shopping complex!!

Finally we reached the Yash Raj Studio and I understood for the first time what it is like to be famous!! Cameras chasing all the actors, singers, directors and they candidly giving interviews. The performances were awesome..,,Shahid Kapor stole the show. I also saw the first family of Bollywood. Bacchans. All these years I have always said that Aishwarya is plastic and she dosent look real and so on and so forth. I humbly take back my words. She is absolutely gorgeous and as real as anybody else. I also saw Rekha who is a timeless beauty. Infact it was quite a dazzling effect seeing Deepika,Asin, Konkana, Kangana ,Tabu,Sushmita all together. They all looked so elegant dressed in the best of gowns. I saw this side of Mumbai for the first time and it was quite a heady feeling. No wonder these actors put fame above money and power because they are treated like demi gods in our country.

I could also see the preparation behind organizing such a mega show. Each and every detail was taken care of and this being a live show, not even once were there any interruptions. Handling these stars and taking care of their ego when all of them are together is quite a task for the event managers as well. It was pleasure seeing the stalwarts of Indian Film industry right from Yash Raj to Amitabh Bacchan to A.R Rehman. They are entertainers in true sense. To think of how much they have achieved with their hard work and dedication never ceases to inspire me. I am looking forward for the next filmfare and inshallah I should get the passes on time:-)


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Nazelogue said...

Your change of clothes in a shopping complex washroom is completely Bollywoodish. Reminds me of my childhood wonder when I used to be amazed on how speedily the heroine changed clothes in the span of seconds within a song sequence.

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