Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get out of the Loop.

It says Get into the Loop. Rightly so, because once you get into the loop, you are doomed. Am talking about Loop Mobile erstwhile BPL Mobile. Few months back they changed to Loop Mobile as if this would make any difference to the pathetic service they were providing. I have lost counts of numerous times when in the middle of the conversation the network will go off. Imagine you closing a important deal with a client and suddenly the network decides to go off when others around you using vodafone,airtel,idea….continues to talk. After that when you decide to reconnect, try doing that at least 5 times before getting connected, their helpline is anything but helpful (that is finally if you manage to get connected). It seems they are upgrading their services( for the past two years!! ) and thus the difficulty. In fact its high time Loop should mention the places where the network is uninterrupted. Following would be excluded
1) In the lift
2) In the train
3) In your house(even when other networks are connecting perfectly fine)
4) Specially when you are in the middle of an important conversationJ

I happened to take their service 6 years back, all thanks to my then boyfriend for BPL to BPL free call!! That time I didn’t realize that in future there would not be any call only from this network. Presently my mobile number of 6 years is used in my professional life and social circle so the cost of changing the number is huge. I am sure people who still have their number face the same dilemma and not changing it.

As a customer I feel frustrated and cheated for their services and repeated complaints haven’t helped . The only ray of hope is Mobile Number Portability. Once that is launched I will be the first person to change my service provider and I know at least 15 people who will do the same. That will be too late for Loop also to get back its core subscribers and most importantly a good lesson for all subscribers to know that Customer is the King.


Nazelogue said...

I understand this situation so well. In the UK, most service providers give the mobile portability, which allows customers to take the proverbial step of disloyalty.... hahaha.. am all for consumer power.

Jayant Gajria said...

This is where number portability is going to be a boon to the cell user. Once it is allowed you will be allowed to shift to any network with the same number.

Btw ...sorry to barge in so late...never realised u also blog....

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