Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First job interview

Last evening my brother came to me for guidance regarding his first job interview. His excitement was palpable. He has bought a new shirt,tie,trouser and was eagerly looking forward to the interview.
Thats when it struck to me how I was almost 7 years back. What it felt like to appear for your first job interview, having that feeling that now you have grown up finally, you can face the world and bag a job. As years passed by I forgot that excitement, in my daily grind life became monotonous and suddenly when I saw my brother's preparation for his interview I realized over a period of time we all become so boring! If one has to experience newness in life than instead of finding something new outside one has to renew one's spirit than we all can relive our childhood/youth. Its not about an interview, any task that we undertake if we look forward to it with enthusiasm somewhere we can rediscover our self.

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