Friday, September 18, 2009

No identity

The counting is 25 in half an hour!! My new way of killing time sitting in my car or bus is to count the number of cars on road whose steel embossed brand plates are missing!! It is weird but the alarming rate at which these plates are missing looks contemptuous. Cars are a prized possession for many of us and we look after it quite painstakingly so my heart goes out to see the logo missing from a sleek Honda Civic or a Toyota Camri. I wonder how much those thugs fetch by selling these plates, it takes the sheen out of a car worth lakhs. There must be a thriving secondary market for these plates.
Its not easy to punish these thugs who would steal the plates when a car is parked in a mall or open space. One solution would be to catch hold of people who are buying these plates and punish them thereby destroying the market for these.
If you also know about this than tell me how it can be stopped or any other information that you might like to share on this. If we don’t take up this matter immediately, very soon we will end up having cars with no logos!!

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Pallavi Ghosh said... - City&sectid=2&contentid=201001042010010402002642117cc1b4
Finally this is coming to people's notice. Read this article on Mumbai Mirror published on 4th Jan,2010

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